The Sun is Shining

At the end of June we visited Sevenoaks Allotments Open Day.  This is an 11 acre site of some amazing plots, and definately came away with some ideas of how I might change things around next year.  We joined their allotment group as associate members which gives us access to their trading store on a Sunday morning and if anyone is interested in purchasing anything please have a look at their web and we can get it for you, the savings are fantastic in comparision to garden centres

Well July is here and the sun is finally shining.  Everything on the plots is looking great and people are starting to harvest their crops.  So far I’ve seen people picking peas, broad beans and runner beans.  Some new potatoes have been dug, spinach leaves picked and some lovely yellow courgettes, not bad considering that we only got the keys to the land in the middle of March and the plots had still to be marked out, weeded and paths laid.  The sun is fantastic but on a site that has no water we would quite like some rain overnight. We have wheelbarrows filled with black sacks filled with water being pushed through the village, lots of bottles and containers, Angie has even given up one of her beer barrels to transport water if anyone has any other great ideas please get in touch.  One of the Plots has even set up a H2O   sunflowers1                         .

Plot of the month for June was a difficult choice this month but we settled on Jonathan, Naomi, Millie and Isabella, I called the plot quirky, Amy says it should be random(new word for quirky) because every bit shows off something different, some in rows, squares, rectangles and Mrs Scarecrow overseeing everything.  Well done everyjune winnerone

Things are taking shape

Mrs ScareecrowWell June has arrived and the great British Summer weather is continuing.  The plots are all looking really good and everyone has got something planted and some of us have been picking Radish already.  Goosegogs are fruiting and some plots look as if they’re going to have some bumper crops.  Last month Mr Scarecrow appeared and we wondered where the rest of the family might be, Mrs Scarecrow has now appeared, a little tired and needs a sit down from time to time, well done girls she looks great.  If any more of the family wish to visit they are more than welcome.goosegogs

We are still having a problem with the Mares tail, Mark looked as though he was digging to the centre of the earth at times, but it looks as though it has paid off.  Amy, Dave and myself visited the History Museum and at the Dinasaur section there was a fantastic example of fossilized Mares Tail, we managed to make the Dinasaurs extinct but kept them.SmileMares tail

openingYesterday was our Official Grand Opening and everyone worked fantastically hard to make it a great success, special thanks go to Naomi and Angie for organising it and doing the posters.  The event was attended by James Swartz, Chairman of Fairlawne Estates Company, who said how pleased he was with the progress we had made in such a short time and how happy they were to lease the land to the village for this community project.  Patrick Thomas, Chairman of the Parish Council, spoke on the councils behalf and Marius Carboni, previous Chairman of the Council, reiterated Jame’s comments and thanked Richard McCormack, Fairlawne Estate Manager, for his help throughout the process.   The day was finished off by a blessing of the land by the Rvd Andrew Proctor.opening 1looking aroundblessing

Making Progress

We’re all slowly getting there and the site is now starting to look like a proper allotment site.  The seeds are sprouting, radishes ready for eating and the bean canes are now in place.  Some of the Plots are suffering with Mares tail which is disheartening but they’re getting on top of it with continual digging and carrying on planting on the bits that have been cleared.

The lovely weather over the Bank Holiday week-end saw lots of activity on the site and it was great to see the children being involved, weeding, digging and building paths with all the stone we have collected.  But as usual the British weather hasn’t disappointed and we couldn’t really expect it to last, I know we have no water on site and it’s needed, but during the night please.  Also is it not strange the seeds grow at normal speed but a couple of days of rain and all those weeds are back with a vengeance 🙁 .

may winnerWe also thought we’d do a Plot of the Month, it can be for best looking, most improved anything really just another bit of fun down on the Plot.  This Month’s is awarded to Angie on plot 5 for her 1/2 hr/ hr a day approach which has shown real dividends and her plot is now looking very professional.  Certificate will be on its way shortly.  Well done.


We Got There

We're in !After 4 years of will we or won’t we get allotments in Plaxtol we have finally succeeded.  Thanks to Fairlawne Estates leasing some land to the Parish Council who in turn have leased it to PLOTS we can finally get started.  On a very wet and windy Saturday(16thMarch) we got the keys to the gate and we braved the elements to celebrate and to lay the paths between the plots.  Now we’re here where do we start someone has stolen all the soil. lol  Well we did want something to cover the paths with.  Over the last few weeks things have been taking shape and it is lovely to see everyone working, laughing and having fun together and to see the children getting involved. Mr Scarecrow As you can see from the pics we have some fruit already, seeds sprouting, an additional member on a plot and even a pheasants egg laid for good measure oh and the weeds that seem to grow the quickest.  Pumpkin seeds should be going out this week-end so all the children can take part in a competition at the end of the season.fruit